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Taking a group of students on One-Lap-of-America



A group of undergraduates at Rice University requested I should teach a special topics course on automotive engineering with the aim of working on a real race car. 


The Lotus Edition’s of the Isuzu Impulse Turbo came about during GM’s tenure as owners of Lotus. As part of its engineering business Lotus had performed various tuning upgrades to the Impulse wedge-shaped coupe.  Being essentially disposable would also mean that any modifications for the track (or damage resulting on the track) would not be an issue that would deter its use in One Lap. And so a car was chosen.


The event? The Car and Driver One Lap of America which is a  legal version of the Cannonball Run, organized by the original's founder Brock Yates and his son, Brock, Jr.

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