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Silverstone International

20 March 2022

The Rover BRM was out for its first race outing on the Silverstone International Circuit, with the Welsh Racing Drivers Association in a pre-season event as a guest of Classic And Modern Motorsport Club. The day had mixed results. Improved times and after qualifying 18th, finished 14th in the 1st race. However, DNF in the 2nd race due to a clutch peddle sticking that resulted in a over-rev and head gasket blowing on the K Series engine (not an unusal result). But both are easy fixes and the car will be ready for the full series. 

Mallory Park Racing Circuit

22 May 2022

The Rover BRM was entered into the Welsh Sports and Saloon Car Championship with the Welsh Racing Drivers Association at  Mallory Park at an event run by the Classic And Modern Motorsport Club. The 1st time at Mallory Park was interesting since the track is basically a 1 mile oval with an "appendage". The Rover handled very well and the rebuilt engine was excellent. The 1st race start was hindered by car number 14 not understanding how a rolling start works and weaving around the track right up to the start and thus stopping myself and another car take "station". Nevertheless, the lap times improved from 1:05 on qualifying to 0:59 in the race. Further improvements were not possible since the "automatically adjustable" clutch cable that didn't want to adjust, decided to adjust until it was not possible to release and it ground the clutch down.  This means a new clutch and a "manually" adjusted clutch cable. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-19 at 10.34.33 PM.png
Castle Combe Circuit

12 June 2022

The Rover BRM competed at this fast circuit in the Welsh Sports and Saloon Car Championship with the Welsh Racing Drivers Association. After a new clutch and manually adjusted clutch cable was installed the car ran well allowing confidence and concentration on handling and lap times. Qualifying in 12th (5th in class) was maintained in the 1st race but with a significant improvement in lap time; however, in race 2, the power steering failed half way through making life difficult. I also found that many of the high bhp cars in the BT class have a habit of 'parking' in the corners. The power steering failure was due to the crank pulley that drives the power steering pump (and alternator) had fallen off! The bolt also holds on the lower pulley of the timing belt but this has stayed in place (amazingly) even though the engine used at max rpm.

Silverstone National

17 July 2022

Back to Silverstone with the Welsh Racing Drivers Association with the Aston Martin DB7  running in the Welsh Sports and Saloon Car Championship. The car still had an electrical issue on left hand turns that was traced (we think) to the Cartek power distribution panel. It was also found that additional brake cooling is required and larger rear tyres. But other than that the Aston was a great fun drive.

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