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Shelsley Walsh

21 April 2024

On Sunday 21 April 2024, the Classic and Sports section of the Midland Automobile Club (MAC) organised a classic car run that started from 4 different locations and finish at Shelsley Walsh. Taking KM12ZSZ on its 1st rally, we started from the Classic Motor Hub, near Ablington, Cirencester. Rally route instructions were provided in a 'tulip' style road book, which despite a diversion were accurate and led to some challanging roads. Arriving at Shelsley Walsh it was straight onto the hill.

Goodwood Circuit

4 May 2024

The DB7 ran the Bailey Sprints organized by the Brighton and Hove Motor Club. In cool conditions the Bridgestones worked will and times came down between practice (111.88 s) and the 1st run (105.88 s); however, the afternoon was sunny and not bothering to put on the Nankang semi-slicks was a mistake while even with better familiarity with the braking points, the times got worse (106.90 s for the final run.

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Prescott Speed Hill Climb

19 May 2024

On Sunday 19 May 2024, PistonHeads were one of the Groups invited by the Bugatti Owners' Club to Prescott’s Car Club Day. This gave a chance to run ZM12ZSZ on the famous hill climb track, where the tight turning circle of the Cygnet proved an advantage.


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Three Sisters Circuit

21 July 2024

The DB7 will be competing again at a Sprint event, this time with the Longton & District Motor Club at the Three Sisters Circuit near Wigan.  The Circuit 2 configuration is being used that employs most of the track.


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Croft Circuit

25-26 August 2024

The DB7 will be racing at Croft Circuit in the Battle of Britain event as part of the Northern Saloon & Sports Car Championship run by the Darlington & District Motor Club (DDMC).

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The Lakes Rally

14-15 September 2024

The Cygnet is competing in the Lakes Rally. which is a two day driving adventure. The rally includes some of the best roads and mountain passes this country has to offer,

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