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26 July 2020

The EnduroKa made its debut as a moving chicane as the slowest car in the race due to the smallest engine and the lowest bhp. Nevertheless due to a major crash on the 1st lap resulting in a Clio being on its side, the race was stopped with a red flag and thus shortened. But with subsequent attrition I managed to improve my lap time by 1 sec from qualifying and moved from 44th on the grid to 30th at the end of the race. All ran smoothly and minor issues will be sorted out before Brand Hatch in September. 

Circuit De Dijon-Prenois

14-16 August 2020


The Formula Vauxhall Lotus  was entered with the Formula Opel Racing at an iconic ex-F1 track famous for the Gilles Villenueve versus Rene Arnoux battle to the flag in 1979. This is one of the most physically demanding tracks encountered. Practice was damp and slippery, especially on well used slicks. But with fresh rubber qualifying was an improvement, although nowhere near the top 2 FVLs.

Donington Park Circuit

26 September 2020

Once again the Ka was the slowest on the grid being in Class G for "up to 1400cc (8V)", but a great day racing in the sunshine was had. Even got interviewed by the roving reporter who it turns out loves the Ka! Started 40th and finished 27th.

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