Helmet Designs by

Aston Martin Racing


Moving to a larger visor for the closed cockpit Aston Martin DB7, along with silver to match the car.

Monoposto (UK & EU)


Taking inspiration from the Welsh Flag this helmet is augmented by a "fat red dragon". Once again a Bell GP.2 helmet was used, and brighter colors were used to make it more visible.



The latest design to be used for racing in the USA. The design features themes from the 1992 Lotus 107 paint scheme incorporated into the traditional design. Once again a Bell GP.2 helmet was used.


2013 & 2014

Including the Union Flag into my traditional design provides additional color to the scheme. As with the Monoposto helemet a Bell GP.2 was used. Photograph: Victor Varela Photography.

Monoposto Racing (USA)

2013 & 2014

Trying to modernize the previous design with the use of lighter colors and pin striping to accent the different colored areas. The centerpiece of the Lotus Cars logo is positioned to be viewed from behind and above by an in-car camera. The first to be designed by Tony Lechner using a Bell GP.2 helmet.

BOSS Series (HSR)

2011 & 2012

For HSR's BOSS (Big Open Single Seat) series. Changing to metallic paint and a darker BRG. The helmet was a Simpson Super Voyager.


The design was simplified slightly without the red dividing line. The helmet was a Simpson Voyager.

The Orginal

Created by Jamie Brooks, this basic design takes inspiration from Ayrton Senna's helmet. The helmet was a Simpson Voyager.

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