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Formula Vauxhall Lotus

Formula Vauxhall (Opel) Lotus was a one-make race series to promote GM’s European divisions (Vauxhall in the UK and Opel in mainland Europe) along with Lotus, whom GM owned at the time. Powered by the 2 L C20XE engine installed in an aluminum monocoque chassis built by either Reynard in the UK or Schubel of Germany. The cars were so widely used that they were chosen for the EFDA Nations Cup series. This particular car is the Vivian Daly ‘Abrakebabra’ car. The present paint scheme is based upon the one used on the contemporary Lotus 102B F1 car. The car has raced in the HSR BOSS series as well as competing in SVRA. In the UK it has raced with the Monoposto Racing Club’s St. Cross Electronics Mono Championship, while racing in Europe with the Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup and the FIA Formula Opel Championship.

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