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1969 Lotus Type 61

This 1969 Lotus Type 61 has had a varied history. As new it ran in Formula Ford in the Southern US until the original 1600 cc Kent engine was replaced with a Lotus Twin cam engine and the car ran in Formula Atlantic. It was later converted back to Formula Ford, but used for Solo2 (autotest) rather than circuit racing. Re-commissioning for vintage Formula Ford racing additional ‘modern’ safety upgrades were included. The paint scheme was originally inspired by the Gold Leaf colors used by Lotus F1 Team; however, in order to differentiate from other Type 61s and 69s, it was changed to that of the Worldwide Racing colors used by Lotus for the Type 56B turbine F1 car. The car  raced in the Monoposto Racing series with a range of sanctioning bodies, including: HSR, SVRA, VARAC, HMSA, and VSCDA, as well as participating in the 2013 Formula Vintage race supporting the F1 US Grand Prix. In 2015 it started  competing in the Historic Formula Ford series in France with a new paint scheme based upon the dayglo red used by Lotus for Type 56 turbine Indy car.

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